Compassionate therapy for busy people so that you can feel in control of your life.

Lauren Powell is a licensed clinical psychologist in Georgia dedicated to working with clients to navigate through trying times successfully to achieve peace, calm, and life satisfaction.

 Lauren Powell, Psy.D

Isn’t it time you had the support you need so you can bring your best at work and at home?

Hi! I’m Dr. Lauren Powell, and I am a licensed clinical psychologist. You’re probably here after a long journey of attempting to independently manage issues you’ve been facing at home, at work, or within your relationships, and want a better quality of life. What we eventually recognize is that it is hard to manage all of the different aspects of life by yourself and you need an outside perspective as well as a little extra support. We can work together to create a better quality, based solely on what “quality of life” looks like for you. I will meet you where you are at on your schedule in order to create an individual treatment plan and help you monitor your progress. We’ll establish goals and I will walk you through them. It all starts with the first appointment. Reach out now to schedule a discovery call 

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